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Information for 10 Point Preference Eligibles

The following information only applies to veterans and their family members who are eligible for 10-point preference. If this does not apply to you, please return to NASA Careers for information on other employment opportunities and processes.

If you are a 10-point preference eligible, you may apply for employment consideration even if there are currently no open announcements for positions in which you are interested. Please read all of the following information before you decide you are a 10-Point Eligible.

Upon request, you will be required to submit proof of veterans preference to include DD-214, SF-15 and proof required by SF-15. Veterans preference will only be considered based on supported documentation. Failure to provide proof to preference claim within stated time period may result in losing consideration for opportunity. NASA does not require this with your initial application.

What is a 10-point preference eligible?

This term refers to individuals who, as a result of military service or as a result of their connection to someone with military service, are entitled to special preference in the Federal hiring process. This category includes disabled veterans, spouses of disabled veterans, widows/widowers of deceased veterans, and mothers of deceased veterans. For more information on 10-point preference, consult the Office of Personnel Management Veterans' Guide.

What does this preference mean to me?

Individuals with 10-point preference are entitled to special consideration in the hiring process when they apply to open vacancy announcements. The Veterans' Guide contains more details.

In addition, all Executive Branch Federal agencies are required to accept applications from 10-point preference eligibles even if there are currently no open vacancies.

If you exercise this option, under NASA policy, you will be automatically referred for the first position for which you qualify, if such a position is available within 90 days of your application. If you wish to receive further consideration as a 10-point preference eligible, you will need to resubmit your application.

How do I exercise this option?

If you meet the definition of a 10-point veterans' preference eligible, your USAJobs profile must reflect your veteran's preference in your USAJOBS responses.

To ensure you are considered, you need to apply directly to NASA's open announcements on USAJobs for which you are eligible and qualified. If you are a 10-point veteran, you will be given preference in hiring in accordance with applicable federal policies.

NASA will accept late applications from 10-point veterans if you send an email indicating your late application interest which includes:

Email this request to:

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